ML Condike

Writes cozy mysteries that grab readers, then finishes with a gratifying yet unexpected genealogical conclusion.


Mary Lou Condike


ML Condike specializes in taking historic cold cases from public and police files, devising a solution with “What if…” scenarios, and then imagining solutions. ML and Brian Condike are a wife and husband team, experienced in helping writers both individually and by special sessions at WORDFest events. Take a look at the cold case mystery novels and short stories that are provided to keep the suspense going.




Novelist Recognized in

The Desk From Hoboken

A soft-boiled mystery with a moral edge!

Protagonist, RaeJean Hunter, is a forensic genealogist who is offered a case when human remains are discovered on a Connecticut college campus.

Recovering from a deeply emotional loss and reluctant to take on the project, RaeJean acquiesces when the fee is doubled and then sweetened with an antique desk. Her anonymous client suspects the remains belong to a young woman who died mysteriously in 1841.


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RaeJean never suspected there was an abandoned train station beneath the CT State Library.

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