Genealogy Mystery Novelist

Writes cozy mysteries that grab readers, then finishes with a gratifying yet unexpected genealogical conclusion

Novelist Recognized In

Mystery Writers of America
2019 Writer's Digest Award Winner - Popular Fiction Awards
Sisters in Crime
Mystery Writers of America - Florida Chapter
Key West Writers Guild
Sisters in Crime - North Dallas
Granbury Writers' Bloc
Mystery Writers of America - Florida Chapter
Daughters of the American Revolution
Key West Writers Guild Award
ML Condike

ML Condike specializes in taking historic cold cases from public and police files, devising a solution with “What if…” scenarios, and then imagining solutions.

Take a look at the cold case mystery novels and short stories that are provided to keep the suspense going.

Newest Release…

The Desk from Hoboken
The Desk from Hoboken

Someone doesn’t want RaeJean Hunter to investigate the puzzling death of the woman whose death inspired Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Mystery of Marie Roget.” As she follows clues through four states and discovers living family members who both help and hinder her search, she quickly realizes that the secrets of Mary Rogers’ demise were never meant to be exposed.

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