Snippet from The Desk from Hoboken – The New Hampshire Historical Society

By ML Condike

The New Hampshire Historical Society opened at nine o’clock on Tuesdays. Their website boasted of having the state’s most extensive collection of old documents. I left the inn at quarter ‘til to make the fifteen-minute walk. I planned to spend the entire day there.

The two-and-a-half story, red brick building was shielded by a large stand of oaks. A black wrought iron fence enclosed its grassy yard. One of its eyebrow windows framed a woman’s face as she stared down at me. The same woman, a docent met me at the door and showed me to a large room that held their collection of local history books. “We keep our original source materials in the back.”

“Any documents from Lempster?”

She thought for a moment. “A few. Our small-town historical sites fill quickly, so we get their overflow. It’s usually worth keeping, but rarely their good stuff.”

The Mather name produced a half dozen documents. None of interested.

Next, I searched for Rogers. I had the docent retrieve a book written by Ammi Rogers. I wasn’t sure where Ammi fit in the Rogers family tree, yet his story intrigued me.

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